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I live in Argentina. But I'm waiting for the time to leave.
I post what i like, hope you like it too. :D
I love music with all my heart, i couldn't live without it.I like any kind of music. Like Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin.
I also like watching tennis, favourite player, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.
I like: cats, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cooking, traveling, singing, nice pics, the surprises of life, family, books, drawing, puzzles, imagination, tattoos, quotes, meditation, and a lot of diferent things :)
Don't be shy to aks
I'm also on weheartit :,
Go find yourself!

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"Usar la frase Soy divergente y no puedo ser controlada como excusa a todos los problemas."

- Lo uso, y bastante.  (via aldiigiselle)


So are we going to wait any longer for this to happened?


Fiction is more than a story.

Again, again, again.

Me: *reading new book*
Me: How cool!
Me: Oh yeah, I like-
Me: Not again.
Me: Not again.
Me: Not again.
Me: Please not again.
Me: Not
Me: Again.
Me: Not again.
Me: My favourite characters are dead.
Me: Again.